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03 September 2006 @ 12:47 pm
Fake Open Door .Torrent  
Just so you guys know, I'm going to update you on some info for an "Evanescence - The Open Door" torrent that's been floating around for a few weeks now. If you don't know what torrents are, don't read this. If you've searched for this torrent, you've probably either realized that it's fake or that it stops downloading, for some reason, at 16.4%.

This torrent was uploaded long before anybody outside of Wind-up could have had their hands on the album. It was much too early for it to leak. The file, as I've already mentioned, stops downloading at 16.4%. So many people all over the internet are pleading for people to re-seed it.

Well, if you can figure out how to get the audio clips downloaded in that 16.4% to play, you'll know that this is, in no way, a torrent with any Evanescence songs included in it. Don't believe me? I've uploaded the audio. Right-click and Select Save Target As or something. In order to play the file, you'll probably have to delete the .amycombe extension after the .mp3 part. That is what you're downloading with the torrent. Last time I checked, that isn't what Amy sounded like...

And if you take a moment to look up what little of the lyrics you can hear, you'll most likely be pointed to a band from Germany named Xandria.

THIS IS A FAKE TORRENT, people. Stop trying to download it unless you are really that into Xandria and can't find their music anywhere else! Somehow I doubt that's the case, though. The Open Door has not, as far as I know, been leaked to a very large audience.

PS- I do not condone downloading illegal torrents or seeking this album out before its release date. I'm just letting people know that this torrent is a fake so that they can stop bitching about it. If you are going to try to find it anyway (for the sake of being able to listen to it as soon as possible or something), at least pre-order a copy too, so that you've kind-of purchased it.